Cailler International range, 2015
In 2014 MEO Sàrl and Nestlé asked me to create more than 20 découpages for the new Cailler International range. Each design illustrates part of the Cailler chocolate-making story.
Cailler - point of sale, 2015
As part of the launch of the new international line, Cailler commissioned point of sale stands featuring a large metal version of my découpage, telling the whole story in one panorama.
Cailler - detail (2015)
Each detail tells part of the story of the chocolate. Here a young girl brings a basket full of hazelnuts to be roasted at Maison Cailler.
Cailler - the boxes (2015)
Each box has a different découpage that reflects its contents (dark, milk, ganache, praline or the Signature Selection). The story unfolds across the image, always ending with the instantly recognisable façade of Maison Cailler.
Cailler - chocolate bar (2015)
There is a little découpage on each bar of premium Cailler chocolate as well. Here on the Smmoth Milk Chocolate bar a farmer is bringing his milk to Maison Cailler. One of my cows watches him come down the mountain ...
Cailler - detail, 2015
The natural materials and embossing used for the leaflets on the chocolate boxes highlight little details taken from the découpages. Here, François-Louis Cailler on his bike ...
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