The postman's story
I was asked to create a découpage that tells the life story of a former postman, showing his family, his sports and pastimes, and the various places he lived.
The postman's story (detail)
For me it's all about storytelling, sharing emotions, roots, and the attachment to the landscape. My goal is to bring joy and humour to the audience, a sweet moment of pleasure.
The postman's story, detail
Headstone at Rougemont
This découpage was commissioned by a father for a headstone, showing the life of his son in a spiral. It starts at the top, and finishes in an open circle surrounded by stars.
Headstone at Rougemont, detail
The largest star, at the bottom, contains the Tibetan symbol for joy. The découpage was recreated using acid etching on metal, about 1/3 larger than the original.
Headstone at Rougemont, detail
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