Artistic by nature

I’ve made delicate, detailed drawings since I was a child, so it was a natural progression to turn to découpage. I made my first découpage at the age of 13, as a present for my sister. In 1979 I “officially” took up découpage as a career, with a style I developed myself. I’ve tried to avoid being trapped in my own style: I like to use my art as a way to question myself.

I grew up not far from the shores of Lake Geneva, but I was always drawn to the mountains where I spent my weekends and holidays. This passion is reflected in my work.

I like to tell stories about my world in pictures, in black images on a white background, or with coloured paper built up on a black découpage base. The technique is just a means to an end: the goal is to express what I feel through the picture, to share my love of our mountains, to share the joy of a human-scaled agriculture that stays close to nature, and the traditions and values that remain so important in our region.

I love to capture little moments of everyday life, snippets of fun to be discovered within the découpage. You need to study a découpage closely to find all the little details, and to enjoy the story that’s being told. It’s possible to bring a touch of humour to an artwork, and it keeps everything in perspective.

Landscapes, people, the moments that make up a good day, deeper emotions … découpage can communicate all of these, and more. It’s a way for me to express myself, and, hopefully, an opportunity to move and inspire others.

From a story …

It starts with a story. I gather key images from my customer, or from my imagination. I am inspired by nature, life, emotions, any or all of these can suggest an image to include. I don’t think about the technical challenge at this point, just the feeling I want to convey.

to a sketch …

Now I start to lay out the story with a pencil on paper. The drawing captures as closely as possible all the elements I want to include, and the feeling I want to communicate. The drawing contains the smallest details, each crucial to the finished découpage.

and finally a découpage

I follow the lines of my drawing with scissors or a cutting knife, refining as I go. As the picture starts to emerge, time goes by in the blink of an eye, hours passing unnoticed as I reveal the story within the paper. Once finished and framed, it’s ready to tell the story to other people.