De Vie et de Couleurs: les saisons (2015)
Each season has a different feeling, so I have used a different colour palette for each one. Each is full of little moments to savour, the details I want to share ...
De vie et de couleurs, detail (2015)
De vie et de couleurs, detail (2015)
Landscapes, trees, nature: these are the things that inspire me. The intimacy of landscapes awaiting the first snow, drawing me outdoors, but I resist and settle in with candles and music to keep on working.
Test "épures"
Each layer contributes to the understanding of the others, with the cows preceding the Château de Gruyère, outlined against the bulk of Le Moléson.
TEST: "épures"
Suggestion, rather than illustration: the silhouettes of the trees are highlighted by playing with transparency and light, creating new volumes within the picture.
Water music (2015)
The story of water, from the mountain stream through the fountains to the river, where the people of the village meet on the wooden bridge.
Water music, detail (2015)
A family watches the fish swimming in the river, people talk near the cosy chalets with their lush gardens, a cat washes itself while another sleeps ... these are the details that bring a picture to life.
Water music, detail (2015)
In the centre of the papercut, two violinists play water music together.
September, end of summer in the Alps - 2015
Details of a September day: at the bottom of the découpage, near the café, this traditional "désalpe" is being celebrated by the villagers.
September, end of summer in the Alps - detail
At the market the potter, market gardener and cheesemaker chat with the people from the village, who come together to shop and talk.
September, end of summer in the Alps - detail
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